Craig Sorensen and Jori Delvo have built a high-tech studio customized to produce premium handmade glass, specializing in murrine mosaics and canework. They are inspired by nature, the physical world, color, and patterns. They create glass sculptures that represent mountain ridges, impact craters, tornados, diatoms, nebulas, flora, fauna, and more.
Craig has studied glassblowing at California Polytechnic, The Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass, Kurashiki University of Science and Art (Japan), and California State University Fresno. Prior to working with glass, Craig served our country as a Naval Avionics Technician, F-14 Plane Captain and F/A-18 Plane Captain (a lead groundcrew role). Craig has served at the Pacific Missile Test Center Point Mugu, NAS Cubi Point Philippines, aboard the USS Constellation, and aboard the USS Nimitz.
Jori is an adventurer, born and raised in central Washington. She graduated from the UW then worked as a CPA for Ernst & Young in LA, London, and San Diego. In 2000, Jori returned to Leavenworth to own and operate a German restaurant until 2013. Jori then learned all of the skills needed for building a hotshop from the ground up, including framing, drywalling, electrical, plumbing, and welding. Once the glassblowing equipment was hot in 2020, Jori jumped right in and became a full time glassblower. Her worldwide travels with a focus on history, culture, and the natural world is now being translated into glass.
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